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runit Cookbook CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the runit cookbook.

v1.6.0 (2015-04-06)

  • Fedora 21 support
  • Kitchen platform updates
  • use imeyer’s packagecloud repo for RHEL
  • fix converge_by usage
  • do_action helper to set updated_by_last_action
  • style fixes to provider

v1.5.18 (2015-03-13)

  • Add helper methods to detect installation presence

v1.5.16 (2015-02-11)

  • Allow removal of env files(nhuff)

v1.5.14 (2015-01-15)

  • Provide create action(clako)

v1.5.12 (2014-12-15)

  • prevent infinite loop inside docker container
  • runit service failing inside docker container
  • move to librarian-chef for kitchen dependency resolution
  • update tests
  • updates to chefspec matchers

v1.5.10 (2014-03-07)

PR #53- Fix runit RPM file location for Chef provisionless Centos 5.9 Box Image


Fix runit RPM file location for Chef provisionless Centos 5.9 Box Image


Fixing string interpolation bug


Fixing assignment/compare error



  • COOK-3950 - runit cookbook should use full service path when checking running status



  • **[COOK-3267] - Improve testing suite in runit cookbook
  • Updating test-kitchen harness
  • Cleaning up style for rubocop


fixing metadata version error. locking to < 3.0


Locking yum dependency to '< 3'


[COOK-3560] Allow the user to configure runit's timeout (-w) and verbose (-v) settings




  • COOK-3271 - Fix an issue where runit fails to install rpm package on rehl systems


New Feature

  • COOK-3243 - Expose LSB init directory as a configurable


  • COOK-3182 - Do not hardcode rpmbuild location


  • COOK-3175 - Add svlogd config file support
  • COOK-3115 - Add ability to install 'runit' package from Yum



  • [COOK-2353]: Runit does not update run template if the service is already enabled
  • [COOK-3013]: Runit install fails on rhel if converge is only partially successful



  • [COOK-2549]: cannot enable_service (lwrp) on Gentoo
  • [COOK-2567]: Runit doesn't start at boot in Gentoo
  • [COOK-2629]: runit tests have ruby 1.9 method chaning syntax
  • [COOK-2867]: On debian, runit recipe will follow symlinks from /etc/init.d, overwrite /usr/bin/sv


  • [COOK-2477] - runit cookbook should enable EPEL repo for CentOS 5
  • [COOK-2545] - Runit cookbook fails on Amazon Linux
  • [COOK-2322] - runit init template is broken on debian


  • [COOK-2353] - Runit does not update run template if the service is already enabled
  • [COOK-2497] - add :nothing to allowed actions


  • [COOK-2404] - allow sending sigquit
  • [COOK-2431] - gentoo - it should create the runit-start template before calling it


  • [COOK-2351] - add run_template_name to allow alternate run script template


  • [COOK-2299] - runit_service resource does not properly start a non-running service


  • [COOK-2254] - (formerly CHEF-154) Convert runit_service definition to a service resource named runit_service.

This version has some backwards incompatible changes (hence the major version bump). It is recommended that users pin the cookbook to the previous version where it is a dependency until this version has been tested in a non-production environment (use version 0.16.2):

depends "runit", "<= 0.16.2"

If you use Chef environments, pin the version in the appropriate environment(s).

Changes of note

  1. The "runit" recipe must be included before the runit_service resource can be used.
  2. The runit_service definition created a separate service resource for notification purposes. This is still available, but the only actions that can be notified are :start, :stop, and :restart.
  3. The :enable action blocks waiting for supervise/ok after the service symlink is created.
  4. User-controlled services should be created per the runit documentation; see for an example.
  5. Some parameters in the definition have changed names in the resource. See below.

The following parameters in the definition are renamed in the resource to clarify their intent.

  • directory -> sv_dir
  • active_directory -> service_dir
  • template_name -> use service_name (name attribute)
  • nolog -> set "log" to false
  • start_command -> unused (was previously in the "service" resource)
  • stop_command -> unused (was previously in the "service" resource)
  • restart_command -> unused (was previously in the "service" resource)


  • [COOK-1576] - Do not symlink /etc/init.d/servicename to /usr/bin/sv on debian
  • [COOK-1960] - default_logger still looks for sv-service-log-run template
  • [COOK-2035] - runit README change


  • [COOK-794] default logger and no_log for runit_service definition
  • [COOK-1165] - restart functionality does not work right on Gentoo due to the wrong directory in the attributes
  • [COOK-1440] - Delegate service control to normal user


  • [COOK-1008] - Added parameters for names of different templates in runit
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