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This is not a complete list of changes, just of API or workflow changes that may
break existing installs. Newer changes are listed at the top. If you pull new
changes and things stop working, check here first!
July 21 2011 - New File Storage Engines
Some of the default configuration for storage engines has changed.
Particularly, the default maximum filesize for MySQL storage is now 1MB, down
from 12MB. See the article "Configuring Storage Engines" for details.
July 18 2011 - Phriction Link Syntax Change
Phriction link sytnax now requires [[double brackets]], not single
June 29 2011 - Maniphest project indexes
Old Maniphest tasks will not appear in project filter views until you run
"scripts/search/reindex_maniphest.php" to build indexes. New tasks will have
their indexes built automatically.
May 31 2011 - Javelin submodule moved
The externals/javelin submodule location has moved. If you have an older
checkout of Phabricator, you may need to edit .git/config to point at
facebook/javelin.git instead of epriestley/javelin.git, then remove the
externals/javelin directory, and then run "git submodule update --init".
May 11 2011 - New session code
There's some new code which allows you to establish multiple web sessions.
When you update to it, all users will be logged out. This is expected, just
log in again and everything should work properly.
May 10 2011 - PhabricatorMailImplementationAdapter
The signatures of setFrom() and addReplyTo() have changed, and they now
accept a second "$name = ''" parameter. This represents a human-readable
name component of the address.
May 9 2011 - git submodule
As of commit 2a39fd0, you must run "git submodule update --init" in your
clone. This was added to the install documentation in commit 09b498c, see that
commit for details.
May 9 2011 - Changelog
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