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@gdgfuzhou @AndroidKnife @SiHeTech @PHPKnife
Lody asLody

Just a boy


马天宇 litesuits

welcome to

阿里巴巴 中国浙江杭州

Linus Torvalds torvalds

Linux Foundation Portland, OR

yangyangwithgnu yangyangwithgnu

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.


Andy Zhang cmzy

Author of DroidPlugin

Open to Opportunities Beijing of China

Phodal Huang phodal

待我代码编成,娶你为妻可好 @hug8217

@ThoughtWorksInc Shenzhen China

Tom Flanagan Knio

Palo Alto, CA, USA

Donn Felker donnfelker

Best Selling Mobile Dev Author. Android GDE. Android Consultant. Co-Host of the Fragmented Podcast. Teaching Android at Caster.IO. Remote workforce advocate.

Android GDE. Android Book Author. Consultant, Speaker & Advisor. NJ/NYC

Kevin Sawicki kevinsawicki

GitHub Inc. Redwood City, CA

Trinea Trinea

DiDi HangZhou, China

二哲 MeCKodo



WangJie wangjiegulu

To be an artist-engineer

Alibaba,Xingren Hangzhou China

黄利 lihuang

Taobao, Inc (Alibaba Group) Beijing China

JackyChi jackychi 北京

芋头 xinyu198736

Frontend&Node.js Develop Manager @souche

大搜车 china hangzhou 西湖区

Xavier Ducrohet ducrohet

Google Inc. Mountain View

Jesse Wilson swankjesse

Square, Inc. Waterloo, Canada

Huang Xuan Huxpro

yet another web developer.

null, [Alibaba, Wepiao] China

Bartek Lipinski blipinsk

Android Software Engineer @Airnauts. Warsaw, Poland

Airnauts Warsaw, Poland

Yu-Cheng Chuang chitsaou

A web developer mainly using Ruby on Rails. Also understands Vanilla JavaScript and fundamental CSS.

@BAKEJP Tokyo, Japan

Yuanzhong Xia MewX

The University of Adelaide People's Republic of China

区长 lizhangqu


weidian Hangzhou

drakeet drakeet

纯纯打码 & 贝壳单词 独立开发者。 PureMosaic & Seashell apps independent developer. Open to opportunities.

Alibaba Hangzhou, China

代码家 daimajia

Yeah, make a good App .

Beijing Normal University Beijing, China

victorwoo victorwoo

Fujian LANDI Commercial Equipment Co.,Ltd China

Johnny Fee JohnnyFee

Fujian Landi Commercial Equipment Co.,Ltd Fuzhou, Fujian

Michael Liao michaelliao Beijing, China

Yegor Bugayenko yegor256

Author of "Elegant Objects" book (buy it on Amazon)

@zerocracy Palo Alto, CA