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Vim plugin for TLA+ and PlusCal
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Vim plugin for TLA+ and PlusCal. Helps with writing specs. Since there's no official TLA+ styleguide, it currently just implements my preferences. The plugin makes the following assumptions:

  • You're using p-syntax. I prefer that to c-syntax because it doesn't overload the meaning of {} and makes the indentation file not hair-pullingly impossible.
  • You're only using vim to write your spec, not to typeset or run models. Modelling is waaaaaay too complicated to be part of a text editor. Use the TLA+ Toolbox for that instead.

Current Functionality

  • Some syntax highlighting
  • Handles \* as a comment
  • Autofolds PlusCal translations
  • Functions for SANY and PlusCal translation
  • Some indentation logic

Planned Functionality

  • Command line options for PlusCal translation
  • Documentation
  • More indentation
  • More syntax highlighting
  • Better handling of editing PlusCal algorithms
  • Vim Definitions

Pie-In-The-Sky Functionality

  • Dumping SANY errors into a quickfix list
  • A way to highlight expressions that are valid but not TLC-compatible
  • Tags
  • Rewrite in something that isn't Vimscript
  • Making sure it plays nice with TLA+2
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