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GSoC-R 2008-2014

Information about Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Projects of the R Project for Statistical Computing during the years 2008-2014

To find the accepted and successful GSoC-R projects from 2009 to 2014, go to one of the Melange pages gsoc2009 | gsoc2010 | gsoc2011 | gsoc2012 | gsoc2013 | gsoc2014 , or "Select Program" on the right, and then click on "Accepted Projects" on the left. In the table that appears, enter "R Project for Statistical Computing" (2010-2014) or "R Foundation for Statistical Computing" (2009) as 'Organization', and the accepted successful projects of that year will get listed.

Accepted Projects


Project Student Mentor(s)
Finite Mixture Models for Large Data Sets Arijit Das Friedrich Leisch
Roxygen documentation system for R Peter Danenberg Manuel J. A. Eugster
lme4: Adaptive Gauss-Hermite quadrature method
for mixed-effects models
Bin Dai Douglas M. Bates
Connecting R and PostgreSQL using DBI Sameer Kumar Prayaga Dirk Eddelbuettel

For more information about these projects see the Projects 2008 and the ideas list pages on the R-Project server.


Project Student Mentor(s)
Development of Bjørn Arild Mæland hadley
Implementation of the GUIDE algorithm ESH Torsten Hothorn
RQuantLib - Bridging R and QuantLib Khanh Nguyen Dirk Eddelbuettel
"You can't control what you can't measure" mariane Manuel Eugster

For more information about these projects see the Projects 2009 and the ideas list pages on the R-Project server.


Project Student Mentor(s)
rdx - Automatic Differentiation in R Chidambaram Annamalai nashjc
Social Relations Analyses in R Felix Schönbrodt schmukle
A GUI for Graphics Using ggplot2 and Deducer Ian Fellows hadley
rgeos - an R wrapper for GEOS rundel Roger Bivand

For more information about these projects see the Projects 2010 page on the R-Project server. Results of finished projects are available on the gsoc-2010-r-project page.


Project Student Mentor(s)
optile Category order optimization for graphical displays of categorical data Alexander Pilhöfer Rosuda93
Manipulating RStudio Graphics Towards Creating Intuitive Mathematical Comprehension Andrew Rich Daniel Kaplan, JJ Allaire
R-EM-Accelerator---Smarter Iterative Schemes Save Your Time Hui Zhao Roger Peng, Ravi Varadhan
Convergence acceleration of the Expectation-Maximization (EM) algorithms in computational statistics: A suite of cutting-edge acceleration schemes Jennifer Ravi Varadhan
SMART: Sparse Multivariate Adaptive Regression Toolkit Juemin Han Liu
Exploratory visualization of dynamic stochastic processes Kåre Jacobsen Niels Richard Hansen
OpenMP parallel framework for R Lei Jiang f.jamitzky, prag, ostrouchovg
DClusterm: Model-based detection of disease clusters Paula Moraga Barry Rowlingson, Virgilio Gómez-Rubio
Developing a hyperSpec GUI Sebastian Mellor Colin Gillespie, C. Beleites
Image Analysis in R Sunil Kumar Ian Fellows
HUGE: High-dimensional Undirected Graph Estimation Tour Roeder, Han Liu
Cranvastime: Interactive longitudinal and temporal data plots Xiaoyue Cheng Di Cook, Heike Hofmann
Proposal for Components in TradeAnalytics Toolchain enhancements Y.Chen Brian G. Peterson
A GUI based package to assist optimization problems in R yixuan nashjc

For more information about these projects see the Projects 2011 on the R-Project server. Unfortunately, the RWiki page for collecting and discussing ideas is not online anymore.


Project Student Mentor(s)
Bayesian Spatial Econometrics with R Abhirup Mallik Virgilio Gómez-Rubio
Portfolio Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Andrii Babii Doug Martin
BigMatrix: Super Scalable Predictive Analytics for Big Matrices in R Fang Rafa
Add additional closed form and global optimizer backends to PortfolioAnalytics Hezky Varon Guy Yollin
xtend RTAQ for additional high frequency time series analysis Jonathancornelissen Kris Boudt
Develop an R package interfacing the computer algebra system Maxima Kseniia Shumelchyk Hans W Borchers
Inclusion of Attilio Meucci's implementations in ReturnAnalytics Manan Shah Brian G. Peterson
Additional performance measures and attribution functionality to PerformanceAnalytics Matthieu Peter Carl
Improvements to xts time series visualization and subsetting Michael Weylandt Joshua Ulrich
HyperSpec: Parallelization and Optimization Simon Fuller Claudia Beleites
Dynamic report generation in the web with R Taiyun Wei Yihui Xie
Aggregate CRAN package download statistics across multiple mirrors Tim Jurka hadley
Interactive dendrogram Tomas Sieger cbhurley
SAM: A General-purpose Classifier for Modern Predictive Data Analysis Tour Roeder
Access and visualization of biodiversity data in R vijaybarve Scott Chamberlain
Biganalysis: A robust, general-purpose R package for large scale classification Xiaolin Yang Han Liu

For more information about the proposed and accepted projects (originally discussed on RWiki) see the archived wayback machine page from November 9, 2013.


Project Student Mentor(s)
R Interactive Graphics via HTml Chung Ha SUNG Jae W. Lee, Junghoon Lee
Implement/Port Spectral Unmixing Methods to R Conor McManus Claudia Beleites, Simon Fuller
Improving rapport and pander packages Dániel Nagy Gergely Daróczi, Aleksandar Blagotić
Improvements to data construction, subsetting, and manipulation for time series data EvilTosha Michael Weylandt, Joshua Ulrich, Peter Carl, Brian G. Peterson, Paul Teetor
Profiling Tools for Parallel Computing with R Gaurav Sehrawat ostrouchovg, Drew, Wei-Chen Chen
Highfrequency: add inferential methods to highfrequency giangnguyen Kris Boudt, Jonathancornelissen, Brian G. Peterson, Daniele Signori
Addressing IID Assumptions in Finance: Autocorrelation and Drawdowns in Performance Analysis pulkit Paul Teetor, Peter Carl, Doug Martin, Brian G. Peterson, Daniele Signori
robgpu Roland Boubela Andreas
PortfolioAnalytics Ross Bennett Paul Teetor, Peter Carl, Guy Yollin, Brian G. Peterson, Doug Martin
Addressing IID Assumptions in Finance: Autocorrelation and Drawdowns in Performance Analysis Shubhankit Mohan Paul Teetor, Peter Carl, Doug Martin, Brian G. Peterson, Daniele Signori
Improve display of imported vector graphics in R Simon Potter Toby Dylan Hocking, Paul Murrell
Improve rendering of animated/interactive ggplots in d3 using animint Susan VanderPlas Toby Dylan Hocking
Handle parallel (vectorized) objective functions in a new optimization wrapper package thirdwing Y. Richet, Joshua Ulrich
CAMEL: Calibrated Machine Learning Tour Han Liu
Biodiversity data visualization in R vijaybarve Javier Otegui, Virgilio Gómez-Rubio
Collection of functionality ported from the MATLAB code of Attilio Meucci Xavi David Ardia, Brian G. Peterson, Peter Carl
A package extension for Exponential Random Graph Model with block structure Xiaolin Yang Michael Rosenblum, Han Liu
Linear factor model for asset returns Yi-An Chen Brian G. Peterson, Peter Carl, Eric Zivot, Doug Martin

For more information about the proposed and accepted projects (originally discussed on RWiki) see the archived wayback machine page from December 9, 2013.


Project Student Mentor(s)
animint Carson Sievert Toby Dylan Hocking, Susan VanderPlas
pbdPROF: Profiling Tools for High Performance Computing with R Christian Heckendorf Wei-Chen Chen, Drew
Generalized Linear Mixed Models via Monte Carlo Likelihood Approximation Christina Knudson Charles J. Geyer, Galin Jones
Kernel Density Estimation and Nonparametric Discriminant Analysis for FD dapr12 Virgilio Gomez-Rubio, Peter Foster
Improving the R-interactive-Graphics-via-HTml (RIGHT) Package Jong Hyun Bae Junghoon
rOptManifold: An R Package for Optimization over Matrix Manifolds Kejun He Jianhua, Yihui Xie
Tools for composite index analysis Keshav Pratap Valentin
PhyloVS: phylogeny-constrained regularization and variable selection lichenbiostat86 Jun Chen
Spot volatility estimation: Methods and applications Maarten Schermer Jonathan Cornelissen, kris.boudt, Daniele Signori
Tools for pre and post processing of data for Ecological niche models Narayani Barve RobGur, Jorge Soberon
Extending mzR Qiang Kou Steffen Neumann, cbeleites, Laurent
Turning R objects into Pandoc's markdown Roman Tsegelskyi Gergely Daroczi
PortfolioAnalytics_Ross_Bennett Ross Bennett Doug Martin, Brian G. Peterson, Peter Carl
Proposal_FactorAnalytics_Sangeetha_Srinivasan Sangeetha Srinivasan Eric Zivot, Doug Martin, Guy Yollin, Peter Carl
bdvis: Biodiversity data visualizations Vijay Barve Virgilio Gomez-Rubio, Jorge Soberon
Dimension Reduction Methods for Multivariate Time Series wbnicholson jbien, David S. Matteson
GenPCA: A Generalized PCA Toolkit for High-dimensional Data Analysis in R Xingguo tourzhao

For more information about the proposed and accepted projects see the archived copies of the RWiki list of proposed and accepted projects 2014 on the rstats-gsoc GitHub repository.