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lemur db

partial toy sql db, written for bradfield databases course.


My main goal was to understand the flow of bytes from the disk through the executor. As such, in my limited time I've implemented many nodes of an executor, as well as a simplified on-disk binary representation.


  •, the root of the library, contains high-level types like RelationSchema, DataType, and ColumnTypes, as well as exposes the executor and storage modules.
  • contains boilerplate for easy error handling.
  • executor module contains nodes for:
    • scan (doesn't really do much at the moment)
    • selection
    • projection
    • simplesort (in-memory)
    • nested_loops_join (streaming)
    • limit
    • aggregate
    • io (used for reading directly from csv, soon to be deprecated)
  • executor module also contains module for tuple:
    • tuple binary representation struct (may be modified to remove internal indexes if information can be gleaned from ColumnTypes being passed to getter/setter
    • implements Index trait for easy access to each field (and requires internal indexes)
    • implements From traits for many types to make it easy to and from binary representation for each DataType. I think it may be a useful technique for future Rust library.
    • Some number of the From implementations are used for the sort; todo: figure out how to cmp just the binary representations.
  • storage module
    • convenience method to import from csv to binary disk representation
    • DiskWriter to write Tuples (which contain binary data) to disk format with blocks.
    • DiskScan to read from disk blocks into a stream of Tuples.
  • binaries (for testing end-to-end):
    • test_csv has many commented sections, but has the basic code neede to run the executor.
    • test_import is the same, with the addition of an import step before using disk scan. Creates two files. Subsequent runs without import step are about 5x faster than directly from csv.

running it

  • install rust using
  • git clone && cd lemurdb
  • cargo test runs tests
  • cargo run --bin test_csv or cargo run --bin test_import to run binaries


  • Rethink where DbIterator trait, storage modules, and Tuple should live in module hierarchy.
  • Do a code cleanup with comments
  • B+Tree index
  • Plan representation and compiler (and maybe optimizer)


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