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Manage VPN Users

Read this in other languages: English, 简体中文.

By default, a single user account for VPN login is created. If you wish to add, edit or remove users, read this document.

First, the IPsec PSK (pre-shared key) is stored in /etc/ipsec.secrets. To change to a new PSK, just edit this file. All VPN users will share the same IPsec PSK.

%any  %any  : PSK "your_ipsec_pre_shared_key"

For IPsec/L2TP, VPN users are specified in /etc/ppp/chap-secrets. The format of this file is:

"your_vpn_username_1"  l2tpd  "your_vpn_password_1"  *
"your_vpn_username_2"  l2tpd  "your_vpn_password_2"  *
... ...

You can add more users, use one line for each user. DO NOT use these special characters within values: \ " '

For IPsec/XAuth ("Cisco IPsec"), VPN users are specified in /etc/ipsec.d/passwd. The format of this file is:

... ...

Passwords in this file are salted and hashed. This step can be done using e.g. the openssl utility:

# The output will be your_vpn_password_1_hashed
openssl passwd -1 'your_vpn_password_1'

Finally, restart services if you changed to a new PSK. For add, edit or remove VPN users, a restart is normally not required.

service ipsec restart
service xl2tpd restart