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Liquibase core is currently built using Ant.

The main end-builder Ant targets are:

  package: builds the output artifacts (*.jar, *.zip, *.tar.gz). Both sources
                    and binary artifacts are packaged, including jdk1.4 targeted ones

  compile: compiles the sources (1.5 bytecode)

  clean: cleans the output folders and all the previously generated artifacts

  site: builds the project's site from static resources (*.html)

  test: executes the unit tests

  test-int: executes the integration tests (requires a running accesible db runtime)

  all (default): performs a complete build of the project

If you wish to override any of the standard build properties for your paticular environment,
please create a file in src and do not check it into SVN
(it should already be marked as SVN ignore).
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