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spring-mix is a self-contained subset of annotations and utilities from various Spring Framework components, taken from 3.1.0.RELEASE.

The only external dependency is slf4-api, which replaces commons-logging. Except for this change, the sources are unmodified copies of the original Spring Framework sources.


Experimental. This is a private effort open for community contributions. It is not in any way related to SpringSource or VMware.


This is the basis for an attempt to factor out substantial parts of Spring Data, free them from tight coupling with Spring Core and make them work with other Dependency Injection Containers. The primary target is CDI with or without a full Java EE container.


During the proof-of-concept phase and as long as there is some potential of seeing the results of these activities being reintegrated into the official SpringSource projects, the original package names of org.springframework.* will be maintained.

Should this experiment ever leave the incubation status, then it would be time to change package names.