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Simple string localization via go:generate and text/template
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String localization tools for Go.

Here we have one package and two commands for generating code:

1 . Package message provides a Message type with fix and variable parts; it can be used as a kind of extended error type due to its Error method.

A message can be created by function New. Functions Append and Prepend can take an error interface and transform the underlying concrete type to Message.

2 . Command stringl10n generates code to be included in a project. Function l10nTrans translates strings. Function l10nSubst resolves the text/template expressions of a text string and substitutes variables. (stringl10n needs a JSON input file.)

A message can be translated by l10nTrans because it is a text string. Placeholders (in text/template format) in the messages text string can be substituted by l10nSubst because the message provides the necessary variables.

3 . Comand stringl10nextract prepares input for stringl10n. It extracts string literals from a go project and puts them into a JSON-encoded file. (You have to edit his file.)


Provided that your Go environment is ready, i.e. $GOPATH is set, you just do:

$ go get

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