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JEP 28 Reference Implementation README

This a work-in-progress reference implementation of JEP-28, aka the
Cuddlefish Minilib:

This is a lightweight XULRunner application, so as to make the
implementation application-agnostic and not inadvertently cause us to
use technologies particular to Firefox, Thunderbird, or any other
XULRunner application.

Running The Test Suite

The test suite can automatically be run by executing the following
commands from the root directory of the repository:

  source bin/activate
  cd packages/cuddlefish
  cfx test

The runner will automatically find a Firefox installation to use as
the XULRunner host, though you can also specify a different binary
through the command-line.  Run 'cfx --help' for more information on

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to the Jetpack
mailing list:
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