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A programming language glyph font
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bitIcon Preview

A simple glyph font with programming language icons.


Download the latest release for use on your website. Once you have the css referenced apply the bitIcon class for your icon to an <i> tag.

<i class="bitIcon-cs"></i>


  • C Based languages are all visually similar
  • All squared icons are visually similar
  • Icons!


All glyphs can be made square by appending -sq to the style.

Name Normal Square
bitIcon-c bitIcon-c bitIcon-c-sq
bitIcon-cpp bitIcon-cpp bitIcon-cpp-sq
bitIcon-cs bitIcon-cs bitIcon-cs-sq
bitIcon-css bitIcon-css bitIcon-css-sq
bitIcon-css3 bitIcon-css3 bitIcon-css3-sq
bitIcon-haskell bitIcon-haskell bitIcon-haskell-sq
bitIcon-html bitIcon-html bitIcon-html-sq
bitIcon-html5 bitIcon-html5 bitIcon-html5-sq
bitIcon-java bitIcon-java bitIcon-java-sq
bitIcon-java-alt bitIcon-java-alt bitIcon-java-alt-sq
bitIcon-js bitIcon-js bitIcon-js-sq
bitIcon-less bitIcon-less bitIcon-less-sq
bitIcon-mysql bitIcon-mysql bitIcon-mysql-sq
bitIcon-node bitIcon-node bitIcon-node-sq
bitIcon-objc bitIcon-objc bitIcon-objc-sq
bitIcon-perl bitIcon-perl bitIcon-perl-sq
bitIcon-php bitIcon-php bitIcon-php-sq
bitIcon-python bitIcon-python bitIcon-python-sq
bitIcon-rails bitIcon-rails bitIcon-rails-sq
bitIcon-ruby bitIcon-ruby bitIcon-ruby-sq
bitIcon-sass-seal bitIcon-sass-seal bitIcon-sass-seal-sq
bitIcon-sass bitIcon-sass bitIcon-sass-sq
bitIcon-scala bitIcon-scala bitIcon-scala-sq
bitIcon-swift bitIcon-swift bitIcon-swift-sq


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