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Mtool is a magento code-genarator which should help magento-developers with their daily tasks. It uses zend tool framework.


zf create mage-module Namespace/ModuleName

Will create all needed paths, files and configs.

Or see how to create a custom module with CRUD using MTool here

My Fork Information

My fork is an extended version of dankockerga's MTool
Currently all changes is unstable and to use it you will need to switch to develop branch

My Changes


  • create mage-controller - create controller by url path, admin/examlple creates admin controller, example/index - frontend
  • create mage-table-entity - create model / resource model / collection files and config data
  • create mage-crud - create controller, grid and edit data files, add needed data to layout
  • add-admin-layout mage-design and add-frontend-layout mage-design - can add layouts for adminhtml and frontend.
  • create mage-test target-module test-path and add mage-test type entity-path - add ecomdev test cases.
  • mage-block, mage-helper and mage-model methods now have optional with-test parameter to generate test file automatically


  • correct installer path when upgrade mage-module
  • do not rewrite existed data.
  • generated comments are now shorter


See in the Wiki