[Magento Extension] Ajax Cart without any php code based on VF_EasyAjax module.
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This is a simple ajax cart based on VF_EasyAjax module. Install it before usage current module.

Module contains only one .js file and no block/controller/helper/model files. All ajax functionality based only on ajax js requests and VF_EasyAjax module.

Current works via ajax:

  • On each page:
    • add product to cart from product and category pages via ajax and show messages as alert.
    • remove item from cart sidebar via ajax
    • update cart sidebar for community edition
    • update top links
  • On configure product page:
    • update product on configure page via ajax
  • On cart page:
    • update qty and clear items button
    • remove item buttons

Module is comportable with modman. Developed with help of MTool