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Scheduled Content - Magento Extension

Set different content for each period and show it where you want
Supports multiple stores


Copy all data from app directory to your magento project
Or install extension using modman


  • Add content on "Custom Modules -> Scheduled Content" page with some <identifier>
    For each content item you can specify:
    • Identifier
    • Store (isn't showed in single store mode)
    • Content
    • Start Date
    • End Date
  • Show content:
    • In CMS block or page with {{block type="scheduledContent/data" data_id="<identifier>"}}
    • In Layout <block type="scheduledContent/data" data_id="<identifier>" />
  • After showing content for this day saves to Block HTML cache. To clear cache for one block - use "Save and Apply" button, for all blocks - "Apply All" button.

It shows content with needed Identifier, for current store, when Start Date <= current date <= End Date