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This is the source code for HISA based on our ICCAD 2018 publication: "HISA: Hardware Isolation-based Secure Architecture for CPU-FPGA Embedded Systems". Please direct your questions and comments to

HISA Execution Instructions

Environment Setup

The provided source code has been tested in Vivado2015.4, 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04.

  • Install Vivado
  • Connect UART and PROG ports of ZC702 board with IMAGEON daughter card (the daughter card is for the motion detection demo) to the PC and turn the board on
  • To check the uart output in the board, using gtkterm is recommended
    • After executing gtkterm, go to Configuration in the menu of gtkterm
    • Select the correct serial port for the ZedBoard/ZC702 UART (Most likely the port is /dev/ttyUSB# for ZC702)
    • Set Baud Rate to 115200
  • Download Sourcery CodeBench and store CodeSourcery/Sourcery_CodeBench_Lite_for_Xilinx_GNU_Linux into /opt/

Reference IP Execution

  • Execute reference IPs by
  • To execute different IPs:
    • Replace the content in trustzone_isolation/secure/s_boot.c to the content of s_boot_$IP.c. (E.g., to run multiplier, replace the content of s_boot.c to the content of s_boot_Multiplier.c.)
    • Copy and paste the design_1_wrapper_hw_platform_0 folder from the referenceIPs/$IP/$IP.sdk to the trustzone_isolation directory. (E.g., to run multiplier, copy and paste ../referenceIPs/multiplier/multiplier.sdk/design_1_wrapper_hw_platform_0 to the trustzone_isolation directory.)
  • To execute motion detection demo in the caseStudy folder
    • Execute the motion detection demo without TrustZone protection by
    • Execute the motion detection demo with TrustZone protection by
    • Execute the motion detection demo with hardware Trojan by


Hardware Isolation-based Secure Architecture for CPU-FPGA Embedded Systems






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