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Panel x hx57 ICON Research Week
2infiniti <>
Content Creation

Simple Summary

The ICON Community Alliance hx57 will collaborate with Panel to launch ICON Research Week - a week where content will be created by the community and the Panel team, covering a wide range of topics, diving into details of the ICON token economics, competitive landscape, business approach and many other interesting topics.


Welcome to Panel x hx57 ICON Research Week! Anyone who would be interested, can contribute and we will work together to structure the content into something the community will appreciate and learn from. The panel team has prepared some prompts that the research will focus on - if any of the prompts speak to you, or if you have something else you’d like to write about, this is your platform for getting your passion & message about ICON to the rest of the ICON community. Feel free to view, suggest edits, create new content, & comment on old content.

We’re excited to have a content-packed, educational, and fun research week! The panel team has been hard at work at porting over their ICON research. We have secured some big Toronto names to be featured in a community podcast as well.

Feel free to talk with us on telegram @hellopanel, or through ICON Community Alliance hx57 telegram channel.

If you'd like to collaborate on a content piece, please start by signing up to this Content Sign-Up Form

Action plan

We have broken down the research into business development and content collaboration. Please start from this collaboration folder hx57 community collaboration


[SC] = seeking collaboration

[ED] = early development

[RD] = article in rough draft (mid development)

[NC] = article near completion

[CMP] = article completed

[D1], [D#] = what day content is suggested to be posted (feel free to change order)

Resource plan

This is open to all content creators, editors, and influencers. Even if you only have ideas to contribute, you're welcomed to join this initiative.

The Panel team will cover a wide range of topics for the ICON project, initially text based. The Panel team will later provide resources to do live podcasts and videography team to do interviews.


Credit will be given according to the contribution as follows:

Author: writer of at least 20% of content

Contributor: writer of some content within the article

Editor: editor of content (proofreading, etc)

Current Progress

The Panel team will be pasting their developed content to hx57 community collaboration folder, to see the latest progress you can simply visit the folder.

Please, leave your name below to be thanked in helping with the ICON Research Week for hx57;

  • Rodney Y. (One2two1)
  • Stan G.
  • Shayne C.
  • Michael W. (XlCaliburn)
  • 2infiniti


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.