😛 General Template Used By HXCO. Now Opensource.
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HTML Single Page HXCO General Template - Screenshot


HXCO General Template Is A HTML Single Page That Used By @HXCO Widely Where Web Services Are Published.

Demo Site: https://template.hxco.de

Why HXCO Template?

  • Easy to use - You will only need to download the whole repo here or clone it to your server by using git clone https://github.com/hxco/template then modify the words inside sightly, then it will be ready to release!

  • Muitiple Useage - When you need to create a notification page, especially when in a rush, or you need to park a domain / subdomain for future useage, you can even wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hxco/Template/master/index.html then spend only 1 minute on modifying. Again, it will be ready to release!

  • Excellent performance - We keep nearly everything on CDN (Content Delivery Network), this includes jsDelivr and Google Fonts Build-in CDN. For our own Style.CSS file, we simply put it on GitHub Pages, but it still have a overall good speed. So generally, HXCO Gerneral Template can have excellent performance around the globe.

  • Continuous maintenance - According to our fantastic cooperation mode inside HXCO, this project as our website interface, will get maintained frequently. We would strongly recommend you keep how we import the Style.CSS, which looks like this:

    <!-- Preload Style.css -->
    <link href="https://template.hxco.de/style.min.css" rel="preload" as="style">
    <link href="https://template.hxco.de/style.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

This will make your template always the same as our template. We will continue to improve the user interface and apply it to your website once it has changed. We will definitely increase the CDN option of Style.CSS to provide a better experience when loading, especially for users in China.


Great thanks to @metowolf. This project is under the inspiration of his METO API +.

And I would also thanks @Dreamer-Paul, and every one in @HXCO.

This project is released under the MIT License. Tech HXCO 2018 All Rights Reserved.