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Export ue4 navigation data to outside.
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What is this?

This is a Unreal Engine 4 Plugin that export ue4 navigation mesh data(recast mesh) to outside.

With this plugin, you can export recast Navigation data directly from the UE without going through RecastDemo.Of course I also kept the export recast navmesh.

How do use?

  1. add the plugin to the project and enable it.
  2. Launch the Project in Editor, Click the ExportNav button. It will create to a .bin and .obj file.
  • The .bin file is the export recast navigation data that is directly from the UE.You can use it in detour.
  • The .obj file is a navigation mesh exported from the UE(unit is centimeter).

Use .obj

  1. Open The Plugin Source/ExportNav/ThirdParty/RecastDemoBin
  2. copy .obj to RecastDemoBin/Meshes
  3. run RecastDemo.exe

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