😎 The dealwithit bot uses a computer vision API + Node.js to make everybody DEAL WITH IT.
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the dealwithit bot

Detects all faces in a photo and slides on a pair of pixel shades. Truly a worthwhile use of the bountiful technological feast made possible by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Deal with it. Test it out at aifunclub.azurewebsites.net.

What's under the hood

  • Project Oxford for Node calls the Microsoft Face API to return angle, pitch, and coordinates of eyes and eyebrows for each face detected (max. 64).
  • socket.io handles communication between the node server and client HTML.
  • JQuery takes care of a few things like the generation and animation of glasses.

If you want to play with this code on your own, you'll need to add your own API key for the Face API. Be sure to update the API region (e.g., 'westus') at the top of the code as well.

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