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files2text is a little C# tool that copies all filenames of a given folder into a text file and renames the changed filenames afterwards.


  • Choose a directory and click on edit folder
  • Your text editor should open with the directory listing
  • Edit filenames (use search & replace, regexp, macro's, etc)
  • Save the file and close your editor
  • A rename preview window should pop up
  • Confirm or cancel the displayed changes -> done :)


As a developer I am used to a text editor, so one day I had the idea to create a tool that would allow me to rename files in my favorite text editor.

Project status

I'm currently trying to switch from Windows to Linux therefore I'm not sure if I will continue to develop files2text in the future. So feel free to fork and continue the project.


files2text main screenshot

System requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista or 7 and might also work on Windows 8 and Linux (by using Mono)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later


files2text was developed in 2007 by Jonas John (@hxseven).


GNU General Public License

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