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shell and editor configuration files
Shell Perl Python
branch: master

[git-hooks] fix section detection

remove ../ so proper names are added
fix shell expansion code

Signed-off-by: Christopher Hall <>
latest commit 8daad4c525
@hxw authored
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bin [bin] add a few more timezones
git-hooks [git-hooks] fix section detection
FreeBSD.zsh_local Snippet to add to .zsh_local to allow different keyboard setups add script to run after fresh system install add script to run after fresh system install
URxvt.Xdefaults sync with in-use .Xdefaults
XTerm.Xdefaults Terminal configuration Xdefaults files
git-global-attributes added git-global-attributes
git-global-ignore Initial creation of dotfiles repository
gitconfig fix broken aliases - section header in wrong place add a zsh configuration script
joverc Initial creation of dotfiles repository
mg add FreeBSD F2 sequence
tcshrc some fixes for the bin/AutoStart.*
vimrc sudow vim command - to save to R/O or root owned files
zshrc [zshrc] enable less (if available) as the pager

Configuration files for shells, editors and others

These files are text configuration file for various programs, that usually exist in ${HOME} and mostly begin with a '.'.

A collection of the utilities to install on a fresh system

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