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Mustache Templating


This library implements the API of mustache from:

Render Function

The render accepts either a Unicode character list or a UTF-8 binary as the template.

The Context is a dictionary:

  • keys are either atom() or string()
  • the data items are:
    • Unicode character list (Variable, Partial)
    • UTF-8 binary (Variable, Partial)
    • Integer (Variable)
    • Float (Variable)
    • Function/1 argument is current Context (Variable, Partial)
    • Function/2 areguments Template and Render function (Section)
    • Dictionary in single element tuple (Section)
    • List of dictionaries in single element tuple (Section)
    • Property List [{atom()|string(), any()}] (Section)


Erlang dictionaries are system specific and cannot reliably be detected, at present dictionaries are wrapped in a single element tuple ({dict()}). A dictionary list is of type: [{dict()}].

The name of this is module hxw_mustache to avoid namespace conflics with rebar which also contains its own mustache.erl.