Like git-punchcard, but for a collection of projects
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This is a small script to visualize the time when commits are committed in a set of git repositories. The idea is stolen from Github's punchcard picture (Kudos to Github)!

If you want to visualize a single git repository instead, you should have a look at the original punchcard program instead.


Here's the generated picture from MongoDB project:

MongoDB Punchcard


It shows how a set of repositories are developed in developer's time. If you work on multiple projects, whether it is for work or in your spare time, you can determine when you're working.

As I see it, I can get a simple clue whether a project is a spare time project or this project is totally under a company's control, thus resulting in commits from 8AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday.


  • python (of course!)
  • pycairo module
  • git

Then you're free to go!


  • cp git-multipunchcard /usr/local/bin (or somewhere else on your $PATH)
  • make sure that /usr/local/bin is in your $PATH environment variable.
  • invoke git multipunchcard

If you want a different name, then simply invoke git multipunchcard file=<another-name.png>. The default width of a picture is 1100px. If you'd like to have a higher resolution, you can run git multipunchcard file=<another-name.png> width=<new-width>.

If you would like to filter by a particular author then do so as follows. (all parameters are available) git multipunchcard -- --author=<authorname>

The image gets scaled automatically.

The easiest way to work on a set of projects is to make a new directory, then clone all the projects to that directory. What I tend to do is something like this:

mkdir -p aggregate-data
cd aggregate-data
for project in a b c; do git clone "$project"; done
git multipunchcard file=jean.png -- --all --since='1 year ago' --author=jeannikl

This will collect all the commits I've authored in all branches the last year and make a punchcard for them.


This project is under public domain, you can do whatever you want ;) However, if you're improving this tool a bit, you can freely fork it and then send me back a pull request. I would be very glad to integrate it.