Hello world in Swearjure.
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[Build Status] (https://travis-ci.org/hyPiRion/hello-swearjure)

Hello, World! application in Swearjure. Prints out Hello, World! in the terminal window and exits.

hello-swearjure uses only 5 alphanumerical characters in the program itself on a single line: ns-map. project.clj needs some more because Leiningen runs on Clojure 1.5.1: 9 alphanumerical characters, 7 distinct ones. How hello-swearjure works is explained at http://www.hypirion.com/musings/hello-swearjure.

What is Swearjure?

Swearjure is Clojure code without alphanumerical characters (or with a very limited amount of them). While one may think you can do very little with it, it has a rather surprising amount of power. Swearjure — Clojure without alphanumerics describes the current state of Swearjure, though this application uses some new inventions which will be documented in the future. There has also been a talk about Swearjure, done by Gary Fredericks (@gfredericks_).


As of now, you can run hello-swearjure by issuing the following command:

$ lein run

You must use Leiningen 2.1.0 or higher to run this program. The program will otherwise crash, as it needs Leiningen to run on Clojure 1.5.x.

For unknown reasons, it is currently impossible to make this program as a standalone jar file. If you have attempted to do so, ensure you perform lein clean before attempting to run the program again.


Copyright © 2013 Jean Niklas L'orange

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.