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Check compiler existence within javac subprocess.

Also added ^:displace to avoid adding multiple clojure-versions onto the
classpath, and fully expanded non-`clojure.core` namespaces.
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1 parent 377a98f commit d38ecd353b066b102b3b5d151928d06c0f81609e @hypirion committed Dec 14, 2012
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  1. +25 −19 src/leiningen/javac.clj
@@ -70,11 +70,30 @@
;; Pure java projects will not have Clojure on the classpath. As such, we need
-;; to put it there ourselves for compiling.
+;; to add it if it's not already there.
(def subprocess-profile
- {:dependencies [['org.clojure/clojure (clojure-version)]]
+ {:dependencies [^:displace
+ ['org.clojure/clojure (clojure-version)]]
:eval-in :subprocess})
+(defn- subprocess-form
+ "Creates a form for running javac in a subprocess."
+ [compile-path files javac-opts]
+ `(let [abort# (fn [& msg#]
+ (.println java.lang.System/err (apply str msg#))
+ (java.lang.System/exit 1))]
+ (if-let [compiler# (]
+ (do
+ (println "Compiling" ~(count files) "source files to" ~compile-path)
+ (.mkdirs ( ~compile-path))
+ (when-not (zero?
+ (.run compiler# nil nil nil
+ (into-array java.lang.String ~javac-opts)))
+ (abort# "Compilation of Java sources(lein javac) failed.")))
+ (abort# "lein-javac: system java compiler not found; "
+ "Be sure to use java from a JDK\nrather than a JRE by"
+ " either modifying PATH or setting JAVA_CMD."))))
;; We can't really control what is printed here. We're just going to
;; allow `.run` to attach in, out, and err to the standard streams. This
;; should have the effect of compile errors being printed. javac doesn't
@@ -89,24 +108,11 @@
(let [compile-path (:compile-path project)
files (stale-java-sources (:java-source-paths project) compile-path)
javac-opts (vec (javac-options project files args))
- form `(do (println "Compiling" ~(count files)
- "source files to" ~compile-path)
- (.mkdirs (io/file ~compile-path))
- (when-not (zero? (.run (ToolProvider/getSystemJavaCompiler)
- nil nil nil
- (into-array String ~javac-opts)))
- (.println System/err
- "Compilation of Java sources(lein javac) failed.")
- (System/exit 1)))] ; Ok here, as we're in a subprocess.
+ form (subprocess-form compile-path files javac-opts)]
(when (seq files)
- (if (ToolProvider/getSystemJavaCompiler)
- ;; compiler will be available from subprocess if available from here
- (eval/eval-in
- (project/merge-profiles project [subprocess-profile])
- form)
- (main/abort "lein-javac: system java compiler not found;"
- "Be sure to use java from a JDK\nrather than a JRE by"
- "either modifying PATH or setting JAVA_CMD.")))))
+ (eval/eval-in
+ (project/merge-profiles project [subprocess-profile])
+ form))))
(defn javac
"Compile Java source files.

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