Use caddy as API gateway in microservice.
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Caddy API gateway demo

Use caddy as microservice API gateway in docker swarm.

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  • Docker Engine 1.13+
  • docker-compose 1.11.2+


The image in docker-compose is build by and Dockerfile.gateway in this demo. I've host it in docker hub, so you can use it in next step directly. You can also build the image by yourself, then don't forget to change the image name in docker-compose.yml

Run Server

Pull images from docker hub(~30M):

docker-compose pull


docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml caddy


Because of caddy's proxy connection reuse feature, you can't test this demo by visit http://{your-host-ip}:2015 in your browser. I write a client to send concurrent requests.
If you have docker,

docker run --rm -it muninn/caddy-microservice:client

You can also use unix shell version:

cd client

app will tell you which container it is running in.