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Hyahatiph Labs

human ingenuity and hacking always trumps fear

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  1. infosec Public archive

    hyahatiph labs information security research repo

    C++ 9 3

  2. gitpayd Public archive

    Github Workflows + BTC/LND, gitpayd watches your repo for new commits and sends payments to contributors

    TypeScript 6

  3. mass Public archive

    Java implementation of monero anonymous swap suite

    Java 4

  4. xmrbc-rs Public archive

    Rust Nym Monero Transaction Broadcaster

    Rust 4 2

  5. ln-infrabot Public archive

    infrabot accepts tier-based LSATs to deploy and maintain infrastructure

    TypeScript 2

  6. hlc Public archive

    hyahatiph labs core cryptography research repo

    Jupyter Notebook 2


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