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0.6.1 is the first bugfix release in the 0.6.0/Bruce line which was pre-released at the end of January, squashing a number of bugs, including a serious one involving statuses (buff/debuffs).

#129: Staves / rings displayed incorrectly after relogging

  • This issue was fixed. Equipment of all types now displays correctly after logoff/logging back in.

#130: Can't assail without casting a spell first

  • This issue was fixed.

#138: Who list shows users who are not logged in

  • This issue was fixed.

#140: Server start error due to incorrect port numbers for control service

  • This issue was fixed.

#142: Minor bug fixes to casting

  • Item cost not being calculated correctly
  • Damage/Heal amounts were sometimes incorrect
  • Minor adjustment to cost evaluation - If a spell's HP cost was greater or equal to current HP, then this check will now fail as, you know, killing yourself via spellcasting is not desirable. This restriction does not apply to MP.

#143: Statuses not working under certain XML conditions / clean up XML definitions

  • This issue was fixed.

#144: Status duration calculated incorrectly

  • This issue was fixed. Statuses now have correct durations in all cases.

#146: Statuses cannot be serialized

  • Statuses now persist and reapply correctly in all cases when a player logs off / back in.

#147: Inappropriate sound effects played for statuses which have no sound effects

  • This issue was fixed. Sound effects for status ticks now work as expected.