BookCore Plugin for Omeka adding a custom metadata set tailored for books
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BookCore Plugin for Omeka adding a custom metadata set tailored for books

General Description

The BookCore Plugin adds an element set "Book" to Omeka ( tailored for book publications and maps entries in the Book element set to the Dublin Core element set.

The plugin has been developed for and tested with Omeka 2.3.


  1. Download and unzip the plugin
  2. Copy the folder to the folder "plugins" in your Omeka installation on your web server.
  3. Login to Omeka and activate BookCore

How to Use

Once installed the Book element set is added to Edit Items. If any content is entered in any field of the Book element set all previously entered values in the Dublin Core fields are erased when saved.

The Book element set contains the following fields:


Subtitle => Title and Subtitle are mapped onto dc:title separated by ' : '

Author/Editor => dc:creator

Publisher => dc:publisher

Year Published => dc:date

Blurb => dc:description

Series => dc:description

Keywords => dc:subject

ISBN Print => dc:identifier amended by 'ISBN Print: '

ISBN PDF => dc:identifier amended by 'ISBN PDF: '

ISBN EPUB => dc:identifier amended by 'ISBN EPUB: '

DOI => dc:identifier amended by 'DOI: '

Rights => dc:rights

Language => dc:language

Type => dc:type

Format => dc:format

##License This plugin is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0,