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There are some new functions I added a while ago but Im really worried about last commit that is creating a fatal error on current hybridauth master

timersys added some commits Apr 6, 2013
@timersys timersys Update LinkedIn.php
Added function to send messages to one or more recipients
@timersys timersys Update LinkedIn.php
Added function to send messages to specified recipients or all contacts of user
@timersys timersys Update LinkedIn.php
minor foxes
@timersys timersys Update LinkedIn.php
minor fixes
@timersys timersys added send DM
Added send DM and changed get user contacts to get followers
@timersys timersys Update Foursquare.php
Added get user contacts
@timersys timersys Update Foursquare.php
Added new version parameter
@timersys timersys Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/timersys/hybridauth
Linkeding and Twitter
@timersys timersys Foursquare and linkedin con errores db48de4
@timersys timersys resolved conflicts in merge 34fce6d
@timersys timersys Added if not exists to all oath classes f7f16d6
@timersys timersys fixed undefined constant in class 42322ca

fixed undefined constant in class


@timersys Could you add more description of your changes? Your PR is changing quiet a few files including core ones. Also what is the extend of your testing?


@AdwinTrave sorry about that, to be honest I tried to pull just a commit but instead all my commits went out in the pull request.
Basically it's the hybridauth version I use on http://wp.timersys.com/wordpress-social-invitations
Long story short , fixes a bad declaration on linkedin class(42322ca) . And adds the ability to send DM in linkedin (e59d7b4)
All the other commits are old and already solved or nor related to hybridauth.
I read about cherry pick pull request but to be honest haven't got time to try it


OK, no problem.
42322ca - This one seems to be fixing an undefined constant instead of bad declaration on LinkedIn class.

The other seems fine.

@StorytellerCZ StorytellerCZ added a commit that closed this pull request Jan 21, 2015
@StorytellerCZ StorytellerCZ Close #382 b3b9b0f
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