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mourjan commented Jul 1, 2016

A while ago, Microsoft enforced their oauth security by disallowing redirect url to contain any parameters.
Hence the following redirect url does not work:

A workaound created by @tohweesiang was to provide another redirect url format in the case of Live authentication, so the redirect url will become like:

If this pull request is accepted than Hybridauth's documentation for Windows Live should be changed as well,


mourjan added some commits Jul 1, 2016
@mourjan mourjan Create live.php
Windows Live authentication does not allow redirect URLs to contain any parameters, 
Therefore live.php is an alternative to index.php which initializes $_REQUEST['hauth_done'] = 'Live'; before proceeding with authentication.
As a result The redirect URL to be used in Windows Live authentication settings will become:
instead of:
@mourjan mourjan Special case handling of Live authentication
Applied a workaround to solve the fact that Windows Live does not allow parameters in redirect URLs,
causing failure in this case:
So if the case is Live authentication, then redirect url should be
@mourjan mourjan Update composer.json 67d1f24
@mourjan mourjan Fix for cases where $mode value is an empty string in redirect function e9a99e6
@StorytellerCZ StorytellerCZ commented on the diff Jul 8, 2016
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
- "name": "hybridauth/hybridauth",
+ "name": "mourjan/hybridauth",
StorytellerCZ Jul 8, 2016 Contributor

Please fix this back.

mourjan Jul 8, 2016 Contributor


am I supposed to submit another Pull Request?


On Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 4:37 AM, Jan Dvorak wrote:

In composer.json
#658 (comment):

@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@

  • "name": "hybridauth/hybridauth",
  • "name": "mourjan/hybridauth",

Please fix this back.

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StorytellerCZ Sep 5, 2016 edited Contributor

Just pushing to this branch will do.

@StorytellerCZ StorytellerCZ added this to the 2.x milestone Jul 8, 2016
@christ0ph3r christ0ph3r commented on the diff Jul 9, 2016
@@ -352,6 +352,9 @@ public static function logoutAllProviders() {
* @param string $mode PHP|JS
public static function redirect($url, $mode = "PHP") {
+ if(!$mode){
+ $mode = 'PHP';
christ0ph3r Jul 9, 2016 Collaborator

I am not sure if this is needed. Can you explain why it is?


function redirect($url, $mode = "PHP") {
  echo $mode;


will output PHP because the second parameter is already set

$mode = "PHP"

so I do not understand why check it again.

christ0ph3r Jul 9, 2016 Collaborator

Nevermind. I understand now. So incase its empty this is fallback.

mourjan Jul 10, 2016 Contributor

Exactly, in some cases $mode is passed as an empty string, and in this case $mode will not be initialized by 'PHP' value since it is not null

@StorytellerCZ StorytellerCZ merged commit 02ae0cd into hybridauth:master Oct 29, 2016
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