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BIN := ./node_modules/.bin
FILES := index.js $(shell find lib spec/lib examples -type f -name "*.js")
TEST_FILES := spec/helper.js $(shell find spec/lib -type f -name "*.js")
VERSION := $(shell node -e "console.log(require('./package.json').version)")
.PHONY: default cover test bdd lint ci release
default: lint test
@$(BIN)/mocha --colors -R dot $(TEST_FILES)
@$(BIN)/mocha --colors -R spec $(TEST_FILES)
@istanbul cover $(BIN)/_mocha $(TEST_FILES) --report lcovonly -- -R spec
@$(BIN)/eslint index.js lib spec examples
ci: lint cover
release: lint test
@git push origin master
@git checkout release ; git merge master ; git push ; git checkout master
@git tag -m "$(VERSION)" v$(VERSION)
@git push --tags
@npm publish ./
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