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Salesforce Setup

Getting Started

  1. First you'll need an account on DeveloperForce. If you don't already have one, you can create one at:

  2. Next, you need to configure a new connected app in your developer profile in order to retrieve all the keys, tokens, urls nedded to connect your app with SalesForce. In order to do this:

    • Go to -> Setup (top) > Create (side) > Apps > Connected Apps (scroll down ) > New Check "Enable Oauth Settings".
    • Next, add all permissions. Use "http://localhost:3000/oauth/_callback" as your callback URL.
    • You'll be using the Oauth2 web server flow, so you need your personal security code. If you don't have one, you'll need to reset it for Salesforce to email it to you.
    • Go to your Profile by clicking in your name (top right) > My Settings > Personal (left menu) > Reset my security token. After that Salesforce should email it to you.
    • You'll need your password + security token to be able to login (PASSWORDsecurityCode (concatenated, no space)).
  3. Now we need to setup an object with a couple of custom fields for streaming communication. In this example we'll create a new object and call it 'Sphero_Message': We also add two custom fields to this object: 'Sphero_Name' and 'Bucks'.

    • Go to Setup -> Create -> Object -> New Custom Object and name it Sphero_Message, then click Save.
    • Once in the Object Details view create two custom fields, Sphero_Name and Bucks both of type text.
    • We've created a Salesforce package that installs the Sphero_Message Object and the apexRest class for you to speed things up. Install it here
  4. Setup apexRest code so we can create new objects using RESTfull implementation:

    • Go click in in you profile name (top right) > Developer Console.
    • When the developer console opens click File > New Apex Class, name it SpheroApex and then copy/paste the following code to that window:
    global with sharing class SpheroController {
        global static void create(String spheroName, String bucks) {
          SpheroController.handleSpheroMessage(spheroName, bucks);
      public static void handleSpheroMessage(String spheroName, String bucks) {
        Sphero_Message__c sm = new Sphero_Message__c();
        sm.Sphero_Name__c = spheroName;
        sm.Bucks__c = bucks;
        insert sm;
    • Save the SpheroApex class, File > Save.
  5. To be able to stream we need to setup a PushTopic to connect to.

    • Go to Developer Console click on Debug -> Open Execute Anonymus Code or (Ctrl+E)
    • Add the following code to create the new pushTopic with the query you want to execute and the events you want it to report.
    PushTopic pt = new PushTopic();
    pt.apiversion = 28.0; = 'SpheroMsgOutbound'; pt.description = 'All new Sphero Message records';
    pt.query = 'SELECT Id, Name, Sphero_Name__c, Bucks__c FROM Sphero_Message__c';
    insert pt;
    System.debug('Created new PushTopic: '+ pt.Id);
  6. At this point everything in salesforce should be ready and we should be able to connect, authenticate, push/create records through apexRest and stream information using the pushTopic.

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