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Hey guys,

Not sure if this is a problem specific to our setup, or something else. We have been happily using Gabba in production and it's worked fine until November 1 - on our side I haven't seen any code changes that would affect pushing events to GA...

We're firing off a page view to gabba as follows:

@gabba ="UA-OUR-ID", "")
@gabba.identify_user(cookies[:__utma], cookies[:__utmz])
@gabba.page_view(title, path)

unfortunately this isn't making it through to GA - I've checked in production and this code is definitely getting run. No exceptions coming back, so I assume google gives back a 200.

Is difficult to know how to go about testing what's broken, any thoughts?

Same issue.

Same here, I've tested it on my local laptop with wireshark, and I can see the requests being sent to google.

But after waiting several hours nothing has appeared in the google analytics page.
any clue?

Anyone had any resolution to this? Just started trying this out today and noticed all the same symptoms

  • 200 response
  • no events logged on GA

I'm having the same issue.

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