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Easier injection of existing cookie params #3

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Hi there,

I'm using Gabba to power a hand-rolled email open tracking pixel. It's hitting a normal action in our Rails app, so for users in web-based email clients, we have a shot at grabbing their existing Analytics cookie, in particular the __utma parameter. It'd be nice if there were a straightforward way to inject this into the Gabba instance, but the best I could come up with was to call cookie_params, do a regexp substitution of the __utma bit of that, and then set utmcc to the result. In particular, I would want to continue using Gabba's randomly-generated __utmz parameter, since the referral information contained in the real cookie is bogus.

I'm happy to submit a patch if you'd like!



Sorry about the delayed response. Let me take a look at that...

@deadprogram deadprogram closed this issue from a commit
@tomblomfield tomblomfield Added #identify_user method to grab existing __utma identifier from c…

Fixes #3

Gabba will continue to work as normal if identify_user is not called, or if
it is passed a nil value - ie random strings & date are used for the utma

Some annoying diff-cruft due to whitespace. Sorry!
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