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This is a list of all of the functionality areas within OpenCV, and OpenCV Contrib.

Any section listed with an "X" means that all of the relevant OpenCV functionality has been wrapped for use within GoCV.

Any section listed with WORK STARTED indicates that some work has been done, but not all functionality in that module has been completed. If there are any functions listed under a section marked WORK STARTED, it indicates that that function still requires a wrapper implemented.

And any section that is simply listed, indicates that so far, no work has been done on that module.

Your pull requests will be greatly appreciated!

Modules list

Contrib modules list

  • aruco. ArUco Marker Detection
  • bgsegm. Improved Background-Foreground Segmentation Methods
  • bioinspired. Biologically inspired vision models and derivated tools
  • ccalib. Custom Calibration Pattern for 3D reconstruction
  • cnn_3dobj. 3D object recognition and pose estimation API
  • cvv. GUI for Interactive Visual Debugging of Computer Vision Programs
  • datasets. Framework for working with different datasets
  • dnn_modern. Deep Learning Modern Module
  • dpm. Deformable Part-based Models
  • face. Face Recognition - WORK STARTED
  • freetype. Drawing UTF-8 strings with freetype/harfbuzz
  • fuzzy. Image processing based on fuzzy mathematics
  • hdf. Hierarchical Data Format I/O routines
  • img_hash. The module brings implementations of different image hashing algorithms.
  • line_descriptor. Binary descriptors for lines extracted from an image
  • matlab. MATLAB Bridge
  • optflow. Optical Flow Algorithms
  • phase_unwrapping. Phase Unwrapping API
  • plot. Plot function for Mat data
  • reg. Image Registration
  • rgbd. RGB-Depth Processing
  • saliency. Saliency API
  • sfm. Structure From Motion
  • stereo. Stereo Correspondance Algorithms
  • structured_light. Structured Light API
  • surface_matching. Surface Matching
  • text. Scene Text Detection and Recognition
  • tracking. Tracking API - WORK STARTED
  • xfeatures2d. Extra 2D Features Framework - WORK STARTED
  • ximgproc. Extended Image Processing
  • xobjdetect. Extended object detection
  • xphoto. Additional photo processing algorithms