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package gocv
func (c CalibFlag) String() string {
switch c {
case CalibUseIntrinsicGuess:
return "calib-use-intrinsec-guess"
case CalibRecomputeExtrinsic:
return "calib-recompute-extrinsic"
case CalibCheckCond:
return "calib-check-cond"
case CalibFixSkew:
return "calib-fix-skew"
case CalibFixK1:
return "calib-fix-k1"
case CalibFixK2:
return "calib-fix-k2"
case CalibFixK3:
return "calib-fix-k3"
case CalibFixK4:
return "calib-fix-k4"
case CalibFixIntrinsic:
return "calib-fix-intrinsic"
case CalibFixPrincipalPoint:
return "calib-fix-principal-point"
return ""
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