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package gocv
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "features2d.h"
import "C"
func (c FastFeatureDetectorType) String() string {
switch c {
case FastFeatureDetectorType58:
return "fast-feature-detector-type-58"
case FastFeatureDetectorType712:
return "fast-feature-detector-type-712"
case FastFeatureDetectorType916:
return "fast-feature-detector-type-916"
return ""
func (c DrawMatchesFlag) String() string {
switch c {
case DrawDefault:
return "draw-default"
case DrawOverOutImg:
return "draw-over-out-imt"
case NotDrawSinglePoints:
return "draw-single-points"
case DrawRichKeyPoints:
return "draw-rich-key-points"
return ""
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