Hardware hack day support info for Gophercon 2017 and beyond!
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Gobot Workshop 2017

This is the information for the Gobot (https://gobot.io) community day for 2017. Read on, to discover all of the wonderful things we have in store.

Gobot Starter Kit featuring the Intel TinyTILE - Giveaway Gear

We have a lot of gear for you to use at today's hardware party. If you are one of the lucky 150 individuals who arrives early enough, you will receive a brand new Gobot Starter Kit featuring the Intel TinyTILE!

For more info on the Gobot Starter Kit, check out:


PLEASE NOTE: If we run out of equipment, we ask that those who have received gear pair up with those who have not. Thank you!

Lending Lab Gear

We have also brought a bunch of other equipment for you to try out, and then return back to us when you are finished exploring it:

  • Sphero SPRK+ Robots
  • Parrot Minidrones
  • LIDAR laser range finders
  • Makey-Makeys
  • Leap Motion Gestural Controllers


Like last year, we have some equipment "bounties". If you can contribute back to Gobot by adding software support for that platform, you could take home one of several awesome new devices, such as a GoPiGo3 Raspberry Pi powered Robot. For more info, go to:


Gophercon Gobot Challenges

We have some self-directed "challenges" that you can follow along with using the Gobot Starter Kit, the Parrot Minidrone, and the Sphero SPRK+.


Uses the Gobot Starter Kit to build a simulated airlock control system for our community base here on Planet Gophercon.



Uses the Parrot Minidrone along with a PS3 controller to survey Planet Gophercon from above.



Uses the Sphero SPRK+ to explore the surface of Planet Gophercon.



Copyright (c) 2015-2017 The Hybrid Group. Licensed under the MIT license.