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Just a little fun project to chart the results of #code2014
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Hashcode is a site to track the real-time results of the #code20XX hashtag on Twitter.

ENV variables

To run the Hashcode app, you'll need some environment variables set.

These are:

  • HASHCODE_HASHTAG - The Twitter Hash Tag (e.g. code2014)
  • DATABASE_URL - Postgres URL to your database (e.g. postgres://localhost/code2014)
  • HASHCODE_CONSUMER_KEY - Twitter app consumer key
  • HASHCODE_CONSUMER_SECRET - Twitter app consumer key
  • HASHCODE_ACCESS_TOKEN - Twitter app OAuth token
  • HASHCODE_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET - Twitter app OAuth token secret

We're providing a .env.example file that includes these environment variables, copy it and name it as .env.

Demo Database

psql -d code2014 -f database.sample


  1. Install dependencies with Bundler - bundle install
  2. Run the server - bundle exec rackup -p 3000


Hashcode has two background scripts used to generate data, import_tweets and generate_stats. These should be run at periodic intervals (5-10 minutes) to pull in new tweets and generate the most recent stats.

The import_tweets script pulls in up to 100 of the most recent tweets with the hashtag, and adds them to the database. It only pulls in tweets that have been made since the most recent tweet in the database.

The generate_stats script takes all the tweets existing in the database, and uses them to generate language stats, which are then persisted in the Stats table. This way, rather than generating stats from the tweets for every request, we simply fetch the most recent saved stats and display that to the end user.

Running Tests



Enable the needed addons:

heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql
heroku addons:add scheduler
heroku addons:add pgbackups:auto-week

Import data seed to production (ignore the warnings):

heroku pg:psql < seed.sql

Add the scripts to Heroku Scheduler:

|Task                  | Dyno Size |  Frequency           |
|./bin/import_tweets   |  1X       |  Every 10 Minutes    |
|./bin/generate_stats  |  1X       |  Every 10 Minutes    |


If you want to run the executable files on production for debugging purposes, do:

heroku run bash


Copyright (c) 2014 The Hybrid Group. Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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