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maintainer "KidsRuby"
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Install the KidsRuby learning environment"
version "0.1.0"
supports "ubuntu"
recipe "default", "Install the base KidsRuby learning environment"
recipe "editor", "Install the core KidsRuby editor component"
recipe "system", "Install KidsRuby support files for KidsRuby OS"
recipe "desktop", "Setup desktop customizations for KidsRuby"
# dependencies
%w[git rvm gosu libqt4 xfce4].each do |pkg|
depends pkg
# required attributes
attribute 'kidsruby/install_path',
:display_name => "Installation path",
:description => "The path where the editor project will be installed",
:type => "string",
:required => "required",
:recipes => [ "kidsruby::default" ],
:default => "/opt/kidsruby"
attribute 'kidsruby/git_repo',
:display_name => "Git repository",
:description => "The path to the hosted Git repository",
:type => "string",
:required => "required",
:recipes => [ "kidsruby::default" ],
:default => "git://"
attribute 'kidsruby/git_branch',
:display_name => "Git branch",
:description => "The branch to checkout from the hosted Git repository",
:type => "string",
:required => "required",
:recipes => [ "kidsruby::default" ],
:default => "release"