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maintainer "KidsRuby"
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "KidsRuby OS build host"
version "0.1.1"
supports "ubuntu"
%w[uck squashfs-tools].each do |pkg|
depends pkg
recipe "default", "This recipe bootstraps an EC2 instance for use in remastering the KidsRuby OS distribution"
recipe "iso_prep", "This recipe prepares the base image ISO for remastering"
recipe "chroot_bootstrap", "This recipe prepares the chroot environment, bootstraps chef within the chroot and runs chef"
recipe "iso_build", "This recipe repacks and remasters the base image ISO, resulting in a new KidsRuby OS LiveCD image"
attribute 'kidsruby_os/remaster_root',
:display_name => "Remaster Root",
:description => "The path where the base image ISO is unpacked for remastering",
:type => "string",
:required => "required",
:recipes => [ "kidsruby_os::chroot_bootstrap" ],
:default => "/root/tmp"
attribute 'kidsruby_os/chef_directory',
:display_name => "Chef Directory",
:description => "The path to the Chef cookbooks",
:type => "string",
:required => "required",
:recipes => [ "kidsruby_os::chroot_bootstrap" ],
:default => "/etc/chef"
attribute 'kidsruby_os/iso_directory',
:display_name => "ISO Directory",
:description => "The path where ISO files are managed",
:type => "string",
:required => "required",
:recipes => [ "kidsruby_os::iso_prep", "kidsruby_os::iso_build" ],
:default => "/iso"
attribute 'kidsruby_os/livecd_version',
:display_name => "LiveCD Version",
:description => "The version of the KidsRuby ISO that is built",
:type => "string",
:required => "required",
:recipes => [ "kidsruby_os::iso_build" ],
:default => "0.0.0"
attribute 'kidsruby_os/remaster_iso',
:display_name => "Remaster ISO",
:description => "The base image ISO that is remastered",
:type => "string",
:required => "required",
:recipes => [ "kidsruby_os::iso_prep" ],
:default => "ubuntu-mini-remix-11.04-i386.iso"
attribute 'kidsruby_os/remaster_iso_url',
:display_name => "Remaster ISO URL",
:description => "The URL where the base image ISO is fetched from",
:type => "string",
:required => "required",
:recipes => [ "kidsruby_os::iso_prep" ],
:default => ""