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fix typo in how_to_use.html
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<p>You can save your program with KidsRuby by doing this:</p>
<p>1. Type in some Ruby 'code' to the left, just below where it says "Type in your code just below here:".</p>
<p>2. Click on the "Save" button down at the bottom of where you typed your code. This will pop up something that will ask you where you want to save the file.</p>
- <p>3. Enter in the name for your new file. Make sure you name it somthing that ends with ".rb" like "mywork.rb"</p>
+ <p>3. Enter in the name for your new file. Make sure you name it something that ends with ".rb" like "mywork.rb"</p>
<p>4. Click on the "Save" button. Now you have saved your program, and can reopen it later, by clicking on the "Open" button!</p>
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