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KidsRuby Installer

KidsRuby Installer


This project builds an installer for the KidsRuby project

This project is entirely based on RailsInstaller ( with additions for the kids ruby codebase.

How to Contribute

KidsRuby Installer is bootstrapped, built and packaged via rake tasks.

  1. Download and install the latest RailsInstaller from

  2. Bootstrap the project, from the project root run

rake bootstrap

  1. Install latest Inno Setup Quick Start Pack, ensure iscc.exe is in your PATH

  2. [[ hackety hack... ]]

  3. Download and build all components on the stage

rake build

  1. Use Inno Setup to package KidsRubyInstaller

rake package

  1. Use the generated KidsRubyInstaller.exe, be happy and prosperous! Be sure to share it with all of your friends!

Releasing a new version

  1. Update VERSION.txt

  2. Update CHANGELOG.txt

Development Kit (DevKit)

A MSYS/MinGW based toolkit that enables KidsRuby Installer to build native C/C++ packages, both for Ruby and gems. DevKit is built and maintained by the wonderful folks over at the RubyInstaller ( project.

Ruby 1.9.2 on Windows

KidsRuby Installer is a self contained package installer which installs Ruby and RubyGems on a windows system, head over to for more information.


We are using Inno Setup, a free installer for Windows programs.