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BoLiau - A flexible and lazyness continuation tasks management framwork.

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The project name BoLiau comes from the spelling pronunciation of 無聊 in 台灣閩南語, because the author Chen Hsin-Yi developed when he was trying to eliminate tedious repetition actions.

Those actions has two kind: Task and Mission.

Each task is a step of steps to archive a mission such as collecting data from website to generate a report, batch changing bug status in Bug Tracker, etc.

And, a mission is composed by many tasks in sequence like a production line in a factory.


Every command has boliau prefix are like functions in function programming language and only provide a task.

Tasks can be composted by Unix pipe line as a mission. The output of last task is the input of next task.

Here is a simplest composition. it only print the output of cat /etc/apt/source.list

$ cat /etc/apt/source.list | boliau-readstdin | boliau-print | wc -l


When data is redirected to boliau-readstdin. it will be converted as a Python String Object (str).

it means you can use lovely map, filter and any built-in Python functions to operate data in your lovely shell.

For instance, To count u character of all urls in /etc/apt/source.list, you can use the following instructions.

$ awk '{print $2}' /etc/apt/sources.list | grep http | \
  boliau-readstdin  | boliau-lines | \
  boliau-map --command "lambda e: e.count('u')" | \
  boliau-py-call sum | boliau-print

It can be dived into 6 steps.

  1. list only http url by using awk and grep
  2. put the last output to Python context by using boliau-readstdin
  3. split string to list by using boliau-lines
  4. counting occurrences of u character of each elements of the list by using boliau-map.
  5. boliau-py-call can apply a python function to the last ouput. In this case, sum is used for getting all occurrences of u character.
  6. boliau-print is to print the last output to console. the data exits Python context.


There are 3 types of command in design

  1. To create a mission as a container.
  2. To modify a mission.
  3. To do a mission.

In previous introduction, only boliau-print is third type command. the others are used to define how many tasks need to be executed to archive a mission.


To create a mission to split source list content to list

$ awk '{print $2}' /etc/apt/sources.list | grep http | \
  boliau-readstdin  | boliau-lines > get_sourcelist_url.mission

To print the url count.

$ cat get_sourcelist_url.missison | boliau-py-call len | boliau-print

To create a new mission to less typing.

$ cat get_sourcelist_url.mission | boliau-py-call len > count_sourcelist_url.mission
$ boliau-print < count_sourcelist_url.mission

To create a Python object from json string and print its type

$ boliau-py-obj --from-string '{"a":1}' | boliau-py-call type | boliau-print
<type 'dict'>

To read a restful endpoint that the response is a json as a python dict.

boliau-readasjson limit=1 | boliau-print
{u'data': [{u'content': u'Javascript uses Prototypes instead of classical inheritance.', u'creationDate': 1374408569136, u'detail': u'this is a looooong detailed describtion of the content', u'tags': [{u'color': u'red', u'name': u'JavaScript', u'value': 70}, {u'color': u'blue', u'name': u'Programming', u'value': 90}, {u'color': u'green', u'name': u'Fun'}]}], u'fred': u'uuuuWorld'}

To operate more data types with plugins.


To read a remote http url as a json

$ boliau-readasjson蔡英文 limit=1 | boliau-print

To display Launchpad bug information.

$ boliau-lp-get bug 1 | boliau-lp-format buginfo | boliau-print 
Title: (LP:# 1) Microsoft has a majority market share
Created: 2004-08-20 00:00:00+00:00
Last updated: 2013-01-04 00:12:18.967847+00:00

To statistic status of launchpad bugtasks of people ossug-hychen and print to console in yaml format.

$ boliau-lp-findbugtasks people ossug-hychen > bugtasks.mission
$ cat bugtasks.mission | boliau-lp-format today_bugtask_status | boliau-lp-format toyaml | boliau-print 
{date: !!timestamp '2013-01-06 05:04:10.091141', fix-committed: 4, fix-released: 8,
  in-progress: 2, todo: 4, wont-fix: 3}

To store the collected data to mongodb.

$ cat bugtasks.mission | boliau-lp-format today_bugtask_status | boliau-mongo-insert testdb test

Get collected data from mongodb and convert to json format.

boliau-mongo-find testdb test  | boliau-py-call list | boliau-lp-format tojson | boliau-print 
[{"wont-fix": 3, "fix-committed": 4, "in-progress": 2, "fix-released": 8, "date": "2013-01-06T19:07:20.704000", "_id": null, "todo": 4}]

Update google spread sheet data.

$ boliau-py-obj --from-string '[[1,2,3],[4,5,8]]' | boliau-gspread-upsert hychentestdb --email --worksheet sheet1

Installation and usage


  • nosetest
  • mock
  • launchpadlib
  • ucltip
  • mako
  • gspread


  1. Fork the git repository here.
  2. Hacking...
  3. Make sure all changes pass unittest.
  4. Send pull request.
$ source setdevenv
$ nosetest

To see what has changed in recent versions of boliau, see the CHANGELOG.

Core Team Members

  • Chen, Hsin-Yi (hychen)


The project is inspired by many ideas in functional programming.

Ideas pool


  • A commad to display or execute last mission. called boliau-it
$ boliau-lp-findpackages ppa:ossug-hychen/ppa | boliau-print
$ boliau-it --show
boliau-lp-findpackages ppa:ossug-hychen/ppa | boliau-print
  • simple ui for data selection
boliau-lp-findpackages ppa:ossug-hychen/ppa | boliau-ui-selection --onlyone | boliau-print
  • Type check
$ boliau-lp-findpackages ppa:ossug-hychen/ppa | boliau-py-call list | boliau-concat | boliau-typecheck
link: None -> Mission -> Mission -> None
data: None -> PublishedSourcePackage -> list -> str 
  • Computation Composition same as b(a()) + c(a())
$ boliau-arr-split a.mission | boliau-arr-unsplit b.mission c.mission | boliau-print

Other questions

Feel free to chat with the boliau core team (and many other users) on IRC in the #tossug channel on Freenode.


Copyright © 2013 Chen Hsin-YI. See LICENSE for details.

Project is a member of the OSS Manifesto.


A flexible and lazyness continuation tasks management framwork




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