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Version 1.0.0

  • Fix code formatting issues.
  • Add travis.yml.

Version 0.3.5a

Thanks to Jon Banafato:

  • Install with setuptools instead of distribute.
  • Python 3 compatibility.

Version 0.3.4

  • Use proper error code on exit.

Version 0.3.3a

  • Fix exception handling.
    • Never use __parser__.error
    • Always log errors and traceback
  • Add wrapper methods for __parser__.
    • exit, error
    • print_usage, `print_help
    • format_usage, `format_help
  • Improve docstrings.

Version 0.3.2a

  • Add load_python_object to load a python object using a qualified name.

Version 0.3.1a

Thanks to fruch :

  • Preserve the order of parameters in declaration.

Version 0.3a

Thanks to Julien Danjou :

  • Add support for nested sub commands. {0e26a6fe2571accb78d26318ab1b8dc65636d2b0}. (Pull #7)

Version 0.2.1a

Thanks to Ben West :

  • Allow commands to have no params.

Version 0.2a

  • Bundle various frequently used utilities with commando. (ShellCommand, ConfigDict, autoprop and logging helpers). {63525646bb366f4def3c5065a51a404b18269873}. (Pull #4)

Version 0.1.3a

  • Commando must consume exceptions by default. Any exception should be communicated in a friendly manner to the user via the parser or the given logger. {0e26a6fe2571accb78d26318ab1b8dc65636d2b0}.

Version 0.1.2a

Thanks to Brandon Philips :

  • Use
  • Derive version from pkg_resources.
  • Add argparse as a dependency.

Version 0.1.1a

  • Add more decorators that map to argparse parameters.

Version 0.1a

  • Create a simple meta programmed wrapper around argparse.