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Utility functions for dealing with urls.
import sys
def join(parent, child):
Appends the child to the parent, taking care of the slashes. The resulting
url does not have a trailing slash.
return (parent.rstrip("/") + "/" + child.lstrip("/")).rstrip("/")
def fixslash(url, relative=True):
Removes trailing slash. If relative is True ensures a leading slash is present
otherwise ensures it is not.
if sys.platform == 'win32':
url = url.replace('\\', '/')
url = url.strip("/")
if relative:
url = "/" + url
return url
def clean_url(url):
Removes .html from the url if it exists.
parts = url.rsplit(".", 1)
if parts[1] == "html":
return parts[0]
return url
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