Hyde Powered

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Hyde Powered

Add your site or app to the bottom of this list. Please highlight the features in your source that can serve as an example.

Cloud Panic

Vincent Bernat

Adam Tindale

Beverly Moon

Jeremy Blanchard

Merlin Rebrović


Lakshmi Vyas

Tim Freeman

Fernando Paolo

Mayo Jordanov


Julien Danjou

Betül Arslan

Beshr Kayali

Anselm Levskaya

  • Site: http://ontologicalwarfare.com
  • Source: https://github.com/levskaya/OW
  • Features:
    • TeX/Mathjax integration for mathematics
    • Server-side LaTeX rendering for math in RSS feeds
    • custom jinja2 filters for altering content to make sensible full RSS feeds
    • a few other custom markdown filters for margin notes, superscript, etc.

Idan Kamara

Massive Scale

The Los Angeles Times Data Desk index and blog

Felix Leong – My Take in Life


J. Seabold


Eugen Kiss

Mike Johnson

  • Site: http://www.mrj0.com
  • Uses: 1140 grid
  • Features:
    • Blog, Disqus comments, pagination, atom feed

GRNET cloud software

David Larson


Mapgears Labs


CanVoki.net Coder

Jake Vanderplas

jQuery Tools





Varun Malhotra

David Sánchez Crespillo

James Beardsley

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