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Java bindings for Hydna

These are the official Java bindings for the Hydna Platform (

The product is currently in beta. It is well tested, but please report any issue that may occur.

Please see usage examples in "src/main/java/com/hydna/examples".

Please note, this implementation is NOT thread-safe


The library and examples can be built using make:

  $ make

Verify by running the "Hello world" demo:

  $ make hello

##Examples This software includes the four examples, "HelloWorld", "Listener", "MultipleChannels" and "Signals".

A simple "send, wait and receive" example.

Sets up a receive-loop that waits for data and signals.

Sets up two channels and waits for data.

Pings the server and waits for a "pong". Please note that your behavior need to answer with a "pong" for this demo to work.

Bugs, issues and suggestions

Please use Githubs issue system at


Hydna AB (c) 2010-2013